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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours. But please call first. 717-789-4381 to place orders for fresh deer scents. MUST refrigerate deer scents to stay fresh refrigerated deer scents to stay fresh

Fritz Deer Lure

181 Polecat Road, Landisburg, PA 17040, USA

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About Us


About Us


Located in Central Pa ... Fritz Deer Lure is the  best because it is the most natural ! It is dated and refrigerated with out any additives.  Sales start Sept 15th.   Mark your calendar or call us 717-789-4381 to place your order.


We have our own deer herd to support our urine sales and we ship 6 days a week.  So you can still get your product on a Saturday.


If you have deer of this size that you are hunting we want to help. We have over twenty years of experience in  deer lure making and a state of art operation. We offer you the freshest  products!

US sales only . Orders over 100.00 ship free !



Fritz's Refrigerated Deer Lure

Collected exclusively from our private herd, Frit'z Deer Lure is the very best because it's the most natural!  It's dated and refrigerated, without any additives.

DOE IN HEAT ESTROGEN:  Although deer are very wary aminals (especially during hunting season) most bucks are strongly attracted to the scent of a doe ready to mate. At that time the estrogen hormone is secreted in the female deer's urine, alerting the male deer that "all systems are go". Best to use during pre-rut and full-rut.

Dominant Buck Lure: Another attraction to the male deer is another male deer trying to assert himself.  Buck urine on dominant buck scrapes is a sure "call to arms: that an intruder is in the area and must be dealt with. So a scent - if it's a "real "one- can be a very effective way of giving you the edge in hunting thse often illusive animals.  BEST TO USE ALL SEASON.

Collect & Dated Fresh Daily: September 15th-November 30th

Our products will be collected on a daily basis until the end of the season.

Remember our scents have no additives or preservatives so our lures have a 6-8 week shelf life, from the date collected. 

We ship 6 days a week by USPS PRIORITY MAIL during the Fall Hunting Season.

Current ways to purchased Fritz's Deer Lure

Orders can be placed using the following: Phone order can be called in at 717-789-4381. Fax orders at 717-789-2061. On line orders by visiting this web site or you can visit your local Frit'z Deer Lure dealer. 




Drag Method: Wet some cloth or woolen yard with the scent in a ziplock bag. Drag the line or year in a figure 8 pattern with the center of the 8 in the middle of your hunting area. Hang drag cloth or yarn about 2 to 3 feet high so the scent can circulate. 

Cotton Ball Method: Put 4 to 6 cotton balls in a ziplock bag that is wet with some scent. Remove these cotton balls from the ziplock bag and locate them around your hunting spot and at least a foot off the ground. 

Other TIPS: Start each hunting day SCENT FREE: this includes yourself, your clothing, rubber boots, gloves, drag line materials and any containers used for dispensing the scent. AVOID putting the scent directly on you. 

Display their FAQs

  •  Why use Fritz's Deer Lure?  Fritz's Deer Lure is collected FRESH on a daily basis.
  • Why refrigerate Fritz's Deer Lure?  We do not use no additives or preservatives. Keeping the temperature down slows the breakdown of bacteria, maximizing the natural odors. It also will help prevent the urine turning to ammonia.
  • How to use?  Fritz's is always to be kept refrigerated. Only taking out what you are going to use , then placing unused portion of lure back into the refrigerator until next use.