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Thank you for your interest in Fritz’s Deer Lure.  Since 1986 our family run operation has been dedicated to bringing the serious deer hunter the freshest lure available.   We're proud that hunters who use Fritz’s Deer Lure report seeing more deer on their hunts and that they're able to harvest deer at very close range.   Click on the pictures below to enlarge them and see the great results other hunters have had using Fritz's Deer Lure.  Or if you've got great results from Fritz Deer Lure send your digital image to our webmaster Linda Fritz and we'll put it on this page! Then order some for yourself today!

Aloi deer  

I have been using your Doe in Heat and Dominant Buck lure for many years here in Indiana, and have harvested many mature bucks while using them here. This 11-point came directly in on a Doe in Heat trail I put out to within 10 yards of my stand on the opening day of Indiana Shotgun season 2012. Thanks for making my 2012 season very memorable.

Robert Aloi, IN

McMinds deer  

I just want to thank you for the lure. I bought some 2 weeks ago at Vans Sporting Goods in Butler and used it in Illinois last week and had some 15 to 20 bucks in. Only one nice 130 8pt but looking for a bigger one. This 3yr old 7 pt was getting down wind so I sprayed your buck lure. He come back to me then when he went to leave I did it again. This went on for a good while. He was rubbing & scraping and I finally got a good shot. Thanks again!

Ken Geibel, IL

McMinds deer Bill McMinds bagged this 229 pound 17 point with a Pope and Young Score of 187 in 1995 using Fritz’s Deer Lure. He also used Fritz’s Deer Lure in 1994 and tagged a 212 pound 12 point.

Bill McMinds, NY
Ferguson's deer "I have taken the liberty of enclosing photos of the 15 point buck, which I took last year during archery season. During my hunt I utilized your product which I believe greatly assisted my success. The buck scored Pope & Young 181 7/8 which now ranks it as the Number 5 deer taken in this category in PA."

Bob Ferguson Jr, PA

Phil Riley and his deer
"Thanks for a great product and information.  It has really turned my hunting into a great success.  This magnificent trophy is one of two trophies taken on this hunting trip."

Phil Riley, NY IL Bow Harvest

Cartwright and his deer
"Fritz’s Doe in Heat pulled this super-buck off the trail of a hot doe in thick cover for a memorable harvest."

Chris Cartwright, NY NY Shotgun Harvest

Stottlemyer's buck
"Your service is excellent and your products definitely work.  I’ve been using them for four years and every year I score a nice buck. This is the one I took last year, a 10 point, 236 pound.

Nick Stottlemyer, NY

Robel's buck "Enclosed you will find a picture of a 13 point, 221 pound Whitetail trophy buck harvested while using your Doe In Heat Deer Scent. Your scent provided me the opportunity to have this trophy come within bow range for the shot of a lifetime. I have used many different kinds of deer scents, none of which produced any great results. Your scent has provided me the opportunity on many occasions to harvest nice bucks."    

William Robel, MD      

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Some of the trophy bucks in Fritz's private deer herd.

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