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Doe in Heat Estrogen or Dominant Buck in Rut Scent


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September 15th - November 30th

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Pull in the big bucks
with the fresh scent of a doe in heat or a buck in rut!  Fritz’s Deer Lure is the very best because it’s all natural -- no additives or preservatives -- just 100% pure doe in heat or buck in rut urine, collected exclusively from our private herd.  Fritz's Deer Lure is bottled daily, dated to insure freshness, and then shipped by UPS on the same day during the Fall Hunting Season.  deer lure In business since 1990, we maintain our high standards by removing all unsold scents from the market at the close of the Fall deer season. 

With our special system, our doe are kept in heat at the highest peak of estrogen and dominant Buck Lure is collected after the buck rub out.  Refrigeration maintains freshness and the capped amber bottle slows down the breakdown of bacteria by keeping out sunlight.  This maximizes all the natural odors that attract the trophy bucks, giving you the hunter’s edge!  Order direct or call  for a listing of stores in your area that carry Fritz’s Deer Lures.  Try both:

Doe In Heat Estrogen:
Although deer are very wary animals (especially during hunting season) most bucks are strongly attracted to the scent of a doe ready to mate.  The estrogen hormone is secreted in the female deer’s urine at that time, alerting the male deer that "all systems are go".  Best to use during pre-rut and full-rut.

Dominant Buck Lure:  Another attraction to the male deer is another male deer trying to assert himself.  Buck urine on dominant buck scrapes is a sure "call to arms" that an intruder is in the area and must be dealt with.   So a scent, if it’s a "real" one, can be an effective way of giving you the edge in hunting these sometimes illusive animals.  Best to use all season.

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